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Make it a gift by adding a lovely striped Kraft gift box tied with a Local Spicery bow! Gift box will hold following combinations:

4 Standard Jars, or

1 Large and 2 Standard Jars, or

3 Standard Jars, or

2 Large Jars


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Black Truffle Sea Salt


Prized by Roman chefs since the early fifth century, a taste of Truffle turns everyday meals into gourmet creations. Wealthy Romans would give a Truffle as a gift to honor the recipient as well as the giver. Sprinkle this finishing Salt on meats, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, seafood and popcorn to add a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor. Mix with a swirl of olive oil to create a gourmet bread dipper.

Packaged in our standard size jar, approximately 3/8 cup.

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Bloody Mary Your Way Gift Box


Bloody Mary Your Way
The ultimate nutritious breakfast, hangover cure, or evening cocktail!
1/4 Cup (2 ounces) Tomato Juice
3 Tablespoons (1.5 ounces) Vodka
1 Teaspoon Worcester Sauce
3/4 Teaspoon Horseradish
1/4 Teaspoon Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Pinch Celery Sea Salt
A Pinch of spice (your choice or try a combination) to taste:
Traditional ~ San Francisco Bay
Yucatecan Twist ~ Axiote
Ethiopian Twist ~ Berbere

Place ice into a tall glass & add the vodka. Add tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, fresh lemon juice & spices. Stir well. Adjust the seasoning to taste. Garnish with celery, cucumber spear, and/or spiced green bean, and serve.

Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains four unique spices (Celery Salt, San Francisco Bay, Axiote, Berbere) in our standard jars and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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Brining Kit ~ DIY


Brining is a simple process for lean meats, like poultry, pork and shrimp, to make them juicier and more flavorful.

Brining involves two processes: (1) salt dissolves proteins in the meat, allowing the fibers to relax and soften, and (2) muscle fibers absorb liquid (mostly water), plumping and softening the meat. Make sure that your meat has not been brined before you buy it (e.g. “extra tender” pork and most turkey breast roasts are pre-brined with salt or sodium phosphate).

The spices in this brown bag kit are intended to make 2 gallons of brining solution, enough for a 12-14 pound turkey or two whole chickens. A very large turkey may need up to three gallons; additional brining spices can be purchased at Local Spicery.

What You Need: This kit includes a large pouch of sea salt, a pouch of brining spices, a brining bag large enough for a 24-lb turkey, and a zip-tie closure for the bag. You will need a large stock pot (at least 8-quart) and a way to chill your meat for up to 24 hours — a 5-gallon bucket to put in your refrigerator or a large ice chest with ice to pack around the meat.

The Brining Brown Bags come in two flavor profiles:
French Herbs: Saturates your meat with the flavors of Tarragon, Basil, Dill, and Orange Peel for an authentic French country flavor;
Chetumal: Delivers a spicy, Yucatecan flavor through Paprika, Chiles, and Mexican Oregano.

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Drinking Chocolate


Local Spicery’s Drinking Chocolate! Available in a variety of flavors from October through May, while supplies last.

Sold in 6 oz bags. Directions: One rounded Tbsp to 6 oz heated milk. Simmer while stirring until chocolate is melted & fully combined with milk. Strain into cup. An additional teaspoon of sugar makes a more traditional hot chocolate.

Classic Dark Hot Chocolate ~ Blended from local craft-made chocolate and dark Belgian cocoa. Delivers a deep, rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavor without too much sweetness.

Fleur de Sel & Lavender Hot Chocolate ~ Rich, silky, and satisfying. Subtly floral and salted just enough to complement the dark chocolate.

Seasonal Flavor ~ A spiced hot chocolate with a theme! We rotate this flavor throughout the cold season, keeping each as a limited time release. The current seasonal flavor is listed in the purchase options.

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Happy Holidays Gift Box


Wishing you a happy holiday season
surrounded by those you love,
enjoying a spicy warm drink
and a sweet festive treat.

Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains three holiday spices (Mulling Spice in a large jar, Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread Spices in our standard jars) complete with recipes, the above message, and tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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Happy New Year Gift Box


Happy New Year!
As the calendar changes, and we look forward to springtime and new beginnings,
we wish you prosperity, health, love and life in 2017:

—Persian Lime Pepper—
In China, a gift of citrus represents a wish for good fortune
and prosperity. Citrus is frequently given at the New Year.

—Garden Gems—
In ancient Egypt, onions represented eternity.
Pharaohs were buried with onions to bring them eternal life.

—Applewood Smoked Sea Salt—
In Norse mythology, Applewood represents wisdom, health and love.

—Moroccan Breakfast Blend—
This delicious and highly healthful blend is our wish to you for
a healthy New Year and that all of your resolutions endure.

Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four unique spices in our standard jars and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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Luxurious Lattes Gift Box


Luxurious Lattes
Coffee: the ubiquitous morning ritual.
Add some decadence to your routine and indulge
yourself with a home brewed latte!
Fresh fragrant spices and recipes for:
Cardamom and Rose Iced Coffee
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Gingerbread Spice Latte
Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains four unique spices (Cardamom Seed, Rose Petals, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Gingerbread Spice) in our standard jars with recipes and the above message, with a Local Spicery ribbon.

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Mardis Gras Gumbo Recipe Set


Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

Two-pack Gumbo special ~ our Vieux Carré Cajun Blend in the large 5/8 cup size and Filé Gumbo in the standard 3/8 cup size, both in our glass jars and festively wrapped together in a cellophane sleeve, along with a printed Cajun Gumbo recipe.

Vieux Carré Cajun Blend is a traditional blend of flavors from the center of Cajun culture in Louisiana and our Filé Gumbo is freshly milled from the leaves of the Sassafras Tree. Enjoy!

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Mulling Spices

(Based on 1 review)

Add to simmering beverage on stove or in crock pot. Comforting, spicy, tart aroma & flavorful warm beverage.

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Thank You Gift Box


To Say Thank You … a little something to help start your day!
Healthy Moroccan-style oatmeal,
sophisticated Dawn-spiced yogurt,
smart Apple-Pie-spiced French toast,
or a lovely quiche with les Fines Herbes.

The individual ingredients in these custom breakfast spice blends represent our sincere thanks for:
auspicious beginnings (turmeric),
joyful times (chervil & chives),
unselfish partners (tarragon), and
precious results (vanilla & saffron).

Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains four unique spice blends in our standard jars and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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Tonic Water ~ DIY


Includes instructions, and everything necessary to make a tonic syrup which, when cut with club soda, creates a traditional Tonic Water, as used in Colonial India and found at craft bars throughout the country.

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