Boot Jack BBQ

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Developed for a local chef who wanted a modern dry seasoning with traditional southern BBQ flavors. Use as dry rub for red meats & chicken or as seasoning in traditional BBQ sauces. Try with thinly-sliced roasted potatos, in hash browns, casseroles or egg dishes.


4 reviews for Boot Jack BBQ

  1. mickerJ

    this smells Amazing I can’t wait to try it. Found their store in Tiburon today and bought a couple. ~ posted 5/19/2015

  2. Dawn Foreman

    I’m not sure my family can live without this rub. We use it on smoked chicken wings and our kids LOVE it! Thank you! ~ posted 10/10/2015

  3. shingo

    Can you tell me what the ingredient list is for the rub? And, do you think in the future you can also add ingredients for all spices due to allergies to many of us? It would make things very helpful! Thank you

  4. NC Foodie

    A MUST for all of our grilled chicken and turkey burgers. This spice blend is LOVED by everyone who’s ever tasted something made with it. A top 5 staple in our spice cabinet which contains over 70 spices & blends.

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