Cinnamon ~ Saigon Cassia

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Saigon Cinnamon (aka Vietnamese Cinnamon) is the strongest and sweetest species of Cinnamon available. Ours is freshly milled from organically grown quills to get the most intense flavor possible. Holds up to Vietnamese Pho and full-flavor meats; makes a great addition to yogurt; or ratchet up your baking with this powerful, nearly hot cinnamon flavor.


Quick Tips:

  • Add 1-2 tsp Saigon Cinnamon to 1 cup Straus Family Organic yogurt.

3 reviews for Cinnamon ~ Saigon Cassia

  1. Maria

    Are you cinnamon in my coffee every morning and this is by far the most delicious cinnamon I’ve ever tried in my booth number one I’m baking cooking etc. ~ posted 9/20/2016

  2. Tracey Frugoli

    You will never want to have any other cinnamon ever again! So sweet, so fresh, so everything a cinnamon lover would want. Money well spent!

  3. Katherine Smirti

    This cinnamon spice is incredibly delicious. I’m reordering but had a question. You do not have it listed under category “SOS” and I was wondering if it has any sugar? (It says no added salt but doesn’t mention sugar). Thank you!

    • lspicery-admin

      Thanks for the review! It’s just a strong sweet cinnamon, nothing added!

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