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Umami flavors: meaty, earthy, savory, delicious ~ just what the name implies. Use as dry rub; add to stir fries, casseroles, risotto, soup & stew; heat w/ equal amount of oil to make rue for veggie/meat wine sauce.


2 reviews for Depth

  1. Aquilah

    This is one of my favorite spices from this place I can use it on sauteed yellow squash scrambled eggs. Mix vegetables. It is so median earthy and its flavor. ~ posted 4/6/2018

  2. Tracey Frugoli (verified owner)

    I got his yesterday and used it in everything from my oil free salad, to wild rice blend. It is amazing! I feel like I am going to be reordering this one a lot. I feel like it is going to be great for oil free, salt free cooking!

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