Happy New Year Gift Box


Happy New Year!
As the calendar changes, and we look forward to springtime and new beginnings,
we wish you prosperity, health, love and life in 2017:

—Persian Lime Pepper—
In China, a gift of citrus represents a wish for good fortune
and prosperity. Citrus is frequently given at the New Year.

—Garden Gems—
In ancient Egypt, onions represented eternity.
Pharaohs were buried with onions to bring them eternal life.

—Applewood Smoked Sea Salt—
In Norse mythology, Applewood represents wisdom, health and love.

—Moroccan Breakfast Blend—
This delicious and highly healthful blend is our wish to you for
a healthy New Year and that all of your resolutions endure.

Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four unique spices in our standard jars and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.


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