Fruit of the rose, adds flavor that is floral, bright, citrusy & tangy.  Use in herbal teas.  Wonderful in stewed fruits, jams, jellies, syrups & marmalades.  Try rose hip soup or bread or add to salads.  Said to contain more Vitamin C by the gram than oranges.

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The Scarlet Letter ~ Hester Prynne


Berry-like, tart, and citrusy.  Perfect for sipping at sunrise or sunset, with plenty of character.

The deep red color of this tisane matches its namesake, much as its strong, fruity- but not too sweet- flavor matches Hester herself.  The Scarlet Letter has a certain wild palate, reminiscent of fresh raspberries.  No caffeine ~ No aromatic oils.  Just unrestrained flavor, to remind you of the deep heart of nature.  [Hibiscus, Rosehips, Orange Peel, Ginger, Lemongrass]

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Pemberley ~ Elizabeth Bennett


Fresh, floral and energizing. The perfect tisane for any time of day, it evokes springtime. Serve hot or iced.

Both beautiful and fresh, this tisane was inspired by Elizabeth’s quick wit, tart replies and love of long walks in nature. Contains only dry herbs and spices, milled in small batches. No caffeine ~  No aromatic oils.  Just pure flavor creating a garden tea for your enjoyment.

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Rose Petal


Defining a rose as anything more than as itself was beyond Gertrude Stein, and we will not try to embarrass ourselves in the attempt.

A Rose is a Rose.  Roses & other flowers have been used as flavorings for millennia across many cultures.  In teas and tisanes, roses have long been considered a cure-all.  This history, along with its delicate floral flavor and lovely color, made it particularly popular during the Victorian era.

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